HP Anywhere Teradici - Playing Wacom Whack-A-Mole

I keep losing control of my Wacom after working an hour in HP Anywhere. It starts out working great, but disconnects maybe 10 times in a days session. My fix is to close the PCoiP client, then fire it up again so it will work. Anyone else have this issue?

are you using the latest versions of the Graphics Agent and Software Client? And are they in fact the same version? And are you using USB Devices/Bridge mode for your Wacom?

Ah, yes the smart things I should be checking. I don’t think they are both on the same version. I will work on getting those paired and up to date. Re: USB / Bridge mode – is that just the checkbox under USB devices in the client?

Correct. Until those things are setup, I’d be more suspicious of local / client issues…cable, Wacom driver, blah blah.

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Updating seems to be the fix. Thank you.