HP keyboard that shipped with Z800

Does anyone have the older HP keyboard that was grey / black handy to give me the model number?
i’m going to buy one off ebay and i see a few variants.

I’m not a fan of the newer keyboards and would love and older HP one.

I should have held on to my SGI one, but thats alas i have not.

I think it might be KU-0316 something?

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This one? It actually is KU-0316, perfect guess :smiley:



is there any other digits after KU_0316 that i need to know? i see a few variants.

Oh how i’ve missed this keyboard. I’m on some crappy logitech and while someone thinks it’s “fancy”, i find it to be far from fun.

thanks again!


Here is the whole backplate, don’t know if it helps. I guess the only differences are for the key layout.

amazing. thank you so much!

i owe so many of you all beers. i’ve lost count.


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