Keyboard recommendations for M1 16" Macbook Pro

I would like to buy a keyboard for my Macbook Pro for if/when I need to travel and work. I have been looking at Keychron mechanical keyboards, and can’t decide between the K1SE(75%) / K2v2(75%) / K3v2(75%) or the K8(80%)…
They are all a smaller form factor than full size which is a plus for carrying in a backpack, it’s more the different key spacings in relation to the f1-f4 keys and the tilda. I just wondered if anyone has any experience with using these keyboards while using Flame, and if so, which one they preferred?


I have a Keychron but it’s 100%. I love it! Spent too much money on modding it but its amazing. I use it in PC mode as I’ve always worked that way so I can’t comment on the Mac mode. I guess this doesn’t help you decide on form factor - I chickened out of the change cause of muscle memory

Ha, yeah, as much as I love the small for factor of the 75%, I think I’ll have to get the 80% purely for the muscle memory. The f1 key is above the number 2 key like my HP keyboard I’m used to, whereas on the 75% it is above the 1 key. Just too close to the tilda I think?

Yeah *0% sounds like a good choice. My model is the Q6 QMK. One thing is that it very heavy

They do ultra slim versions like the Keychron K1 SE, which are much lighter… I think that might be the one!