I escaped the basement! (A usb-c cable story)

Hey all! I was feeling trapped in my basement, since it was the best place for me to have an office. But we finished our Florida room, and I thought it would make a sweet office. Problem was, I need/wanted to keep all my gear and computer where they were.

I tested several hdmi cables to see if I could do a run. But they seemed to dither the image a little. (It wasn’t quite 8bit, but I did notice it wasn’t 10bit. ). All other solutions we way too expensive.

Till I found monoprice’s passive usb-c cable! It will run video and audio up to a 100 feet!

I spend a week testing it out. Switching back and forth between my normal cable and the 100 footer. I did every test I knew if. The picture always looked the same. With it and a passive usb 2.0 cable. I can just move upstairs no problem! Just need my monitor. If I need to, I can move back downstairs. It’s pretty simple.

When I told a buddy about it, he also wanted out of his basement. But didn’t know the cables of quality had gotten cheap! Which made me think of everyone here. Just wanted to share!