I'll take weird USB cables for $1,000, Alex AKA How I found that weird USB cable for my Promote Remote

On my Promote Remote, I’m looking for a cable that looks like this and I’ve spent far too many hours on Google and failing.


Wacom uses the connector. I think it was just called MiniUSB. It was the first mini I encountered in my life among cables.

Edit: Scratch that. I misunderstood the question and didn’tlook at the picture close enough.

I think the one on the left is a microUSB.

I think I used to have a promote remote, 1st gen. It never worked.

I wish it was Micro USB but I don’t think it is. I think this white one is Micro USB.

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That looks like a Mini USB Type-A

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looks a bit like something i think was used on a nintendo wii - but i’m not sure.

Proprietary crap. But reach out to Alvin’s Cables. I think they are based in HK, but they can make anything.

what does the other end look like?

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I think you’ve found it.

This doesn’t look like a USB port. USB ports have their connectors as flat flanges. The picture you show expects actual pins in the center from the look of it. That’s not the case with any common USB/TB/Ethernet connector. Too high a risk of a pin getting bent.

Would take some research, but very much looks like a proprietary connector to make it hard for people other than service folks to use.

Quoted from the review:

WOW! If you have the Promote Control and you lose your (seemingly, if not ACTUALLY) proprietary USB cable, and you order this replacement cable… YOU’RE DREAMS WILL COME TRUE! Seriously! THIS CABLE does everything that the original cable that you lost does!

Unfortunately not in stock at the moment… Maybe eBay?

“Unfortunately not in stock at the moment…”
Talk about shattered dreams . . . .

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There’s a hint though in the Amazon production description. The cable is a ‘mini-a to a mini-b’.

See here for the look of a mini-a: USB - Wikipedia

They seem to be a rare earth mineral these days. None of the obvious sites have anything like that, even if the other end is wrong.

However, there’s an adapter on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/125707121160 which takes it to a regular A, and then from there you can then use a standard A to mini-b which is readily available and it might work.

I’ve seen a lot of shit that says Mini A and Mini B and the pictures are clearly not.
Yes, slow day.


This looks promising! thank you!!!

Okay I can confirm that the combination of the AV Controller Administrator Key / USB Adapter from Cablestogo + a generic Amazon Basics USB-A to Mini USB 2.0 works.

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Laissez les bon temps rouler!

When do I get my thousand dollars?


You’re a professional hand model too?? Is there anything you don’t do

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