Cheap and stable extender

So I am speccing out our new office , and I really want to get rid of workstations under the desk, i dont want to deal with teradici or hpz either.

We have about 5 workstations to be connected this way

I dont have long ways to the machineroom which helps of course , 30m tops for cable runs.

So my first thinking was: thunderbolt fibre cables but those things are 500€ EACH + 300€? for a docking station… and i have to deal with all the thunderbolt nightmares so thats not even a option.

So instead - I am thinking of running 2 USB-C and 1 HDMI fibre cable to each desk.

each cable is maybe ~100€ less for the shorter runs, no thunderbolt nightmare.

HDMI for the decklink output and 2 usb-C for the 2 monitors , the monitors would have a buildin usb hub and audio out etc so that saves me from buying a docking station, daisy chaining monitors is too sketchy for my blood and we have a mix of mac/win/linux …

Anyone doing something like this? I have no idea what “professional” extenders are my other options but I doubt they will be cheaper and more solid than what I am planning? I mean multiple cables == no software == no switching == no drivers …

Hi Finn,

We use a bunch of the DisplayPort/ HDMI fiber cables off Amazon (US). They are great, and even 200foot cables are still like $125 USD. I’ve not found any good USB3/C extenders, but there are many USB2 ones that are fine for Keyboard/Mouse/Wacom.

interesting, yea I might have to go usb 2.0 fibre and displayport/hdmi all seperately was hoping to get away with usb-c for both video and usb but i cant find out if those cables work for anything but diplay, I doubt it.

Keyboard and tablet are USB-2. They are rarely a problem, and when they do act up, a power cycle fixes it. HD with embedded audio is SDI to the Sony monitor with an HDMI to the LG out of a BMD 6g mini converter. 4K to the LG is via 100’ fiber run with camplex senders and receivers. The UI monitor is fiber via Geffen display port-to-fiber senders and receivers. The Geffens are fucking expensive, but we didn’t have very good experiences with any others.

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These things are amazing. Lot’s of different brands on Amazon. We have a bunch of them, all are amazing. Way cheaper and support higher Rez than the Geffens.

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yea geffen is more complicated than it has to be , definetely looking for straight up cables, i wonder if anyone is doing optical USB-C and if that also transfers data or just video?

I haven’t seen any optical usb-c cables, would be nice to have though.