Image and CM nodes double-applying when two layers are stacked

I’ve got two shots side by side, both log. In the timeline they live above one another. Each also has a grade with the Image node.

I have noticed that despite being scaled and cropped so they DO NOT OVERLAP, the bottom layer gets all of the grade and log to video conversions of the upper layer in addition to it’s own.

It’s really killing the utility of the timelineFX system since any time this happens I have to break out the shots, make little grading batches to bake in all the FX.

Am I missing something?

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have you enabled the blue chiclet on the Comp at the end in the effects ribbon?

Hiya Andy.

I took a look and I see exactly what you mean. My gut is telling me this is just an inherent limitation of the image node, but I think I have a workaround!

If you’re using Action, try making sure the Image node happens before the Action node. That way, the color correction takes place, THEN the repo takes place. Hopefully that does the trick!

(And closing comments for if this does end up solving your problem)

I’ve found more times than not that it’s always useful to use one of those green image nodes or “Source” Image nodes as I like to think of them because of reasons like this. Also if you end up sending that image node to another shot, depending on how different that other shot’s repo is and what the
image node is doing, it might get a little funky if it doesn’t take place before any resizing.

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@Jeff Thank you! That did the trick (and if I’m honest makes at least SOME sense from a design perspective).

@randy thank you too, because I ran into that issue earlier today.


Awesome!! So glad I could help.

After thinking this through some more I think I know exactly why it’s happening, and it’s less of a limitation and more of a “that’s just how it works”. Action cares about the edge of your frame and you’re able to “use back” just fine, but the Image node has no idea where the edge of your frame is and just sees a flattened image in front of it.

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Hi just want to also mention that if dont use “use back” in the action and only use the comp node then the order wont matter. You can also use an axis node in image to resize the image too and thus eliminating the problem as well and saving one extra fx layer.

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