Image Node

As amazing as it is I’ve lately been having issues of grades resetting themselves when copying between batches/closing and opening batches. Using around 10-15 selectives and for the most part everything sticks. Tried loading up a previous iteration to restore a grade find that has also reset, even though the render from that output has a grade on there. Curious to know if anyone else has an issue like this.

This is not something we are aware of. You should contact support about this. Ideally, you would be able to reproduce the problem and send us the log files.

ok thanks, will make sure to keep the log files if it happens again

I have recently had an issue where I had used image node to grade entire spots in the timeline. Archived the spots after completion and then had to go back to one a few months later to do a revised version. Although all the clips in the timeline remained graded (because they had been rendered), if I entered the Image node again (say one clip was extended or slipped), there was no grading info at all in the node, so when I exited back to the timeline, the grade was gone). Biggest problem with this is that I wouldn’t routinely save the grades (like I would do a BFX before exiting) so there was nothing to re-load so I was properly stuffed. Just had to grade it again where required.

@fredwarren just happened again and sent the report. i copied a mastergrade from an image node in a batch to another image node in another batch and all was fine. just went back to the original batch and that mastergrade node had reset. So went into the second batch and copied it back over, linked the parameters then deleted the copied one. then making a grade tweak crashed the software