Image Node: How to get back to Result View

Hi there,

I need help!
Suddenly my image node inside of batch is set to Output_Matte:Default and I can’t get back to my normal result view.
Neither F4 or the DropDown menu helps…

The Output options like in action are also not available.

Any trick?

Flame 2020.3 Mac

Try setting a Color Management Node upstream of it tagging it what it is…sounds like it may have somehow been tagged as a Matte somewhere.

thanks randy. but that doesn’t help either.
I even switched to other inputs but results stays on matte.

Ended up saving the image settings and reload them in a fresh image node.

Try pressing the number 2 when you’re in the Image node that is stuck on matte view.

Will try that, if that happens again Thanks, Jeff!

No prob! I’ve noticed that if you press 1 it sticks you on Matte view and if you press 2 it brings you back to result view.


That’s it!!! <3

@ChrisKasten Just so you understand what is going on…

The 1 and 2 keyboard shortcuts are assigned to Previous / Next Output channel, meaning that they can be used to cycled thought the Render Passes enabled in the your Action output.

For example, if you have the Comp, Matte, AO and Z-Depth render passes enabled the shortcuts will let you cycle thought these 4.