Paint Node in Action

Something i have never been able to figure out and bugs the hell out of me…

is it possible to feed a source and its alpha channel into Action Paint Node, and be able to re-paint the alpha channel whilst viewing the source channel?

Every possible combination i can think of fails to give a workable solution, and cleaning up a matte whilst watching two side by side windows is really not a viable workaround!

I’m trying to isolate a part of an image that has been sent to me with a nightmare of a spinning and flashing colour changing background that is proving impossible to fix with keying or gmasks.

Action Paint node?

I assume you mean Batch paint, and if my memory serves me well, paint node can accept inputs for revealing.

Make 2 additional sources - the same RGB as your main source, but one with black alpha, and the other with white alpha. Add them to paint node and use them as a revealing source. Should work.


Yes…batch paint! So used to doing everything in action i tend to think all the tools are in there.
I will give your suggestions a try in the morning…thanks Val.

tried that Val and could not get it to work but its even simpler than i expected…

I found Grants video from a few years back, and it is simply a case of making sure your f4 view is viewing the matte channel and not the rgb channel. The you can use the view overlay tool to reveal the rgb whilst you paint on the alpha.

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I actually prefer to just paint white & black pretty much anywhere (right on top of the comp if you like) and then just unplug it and reassign it so it into the matte pipeline. (or comp if there’s size transforms)

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Desktop paint has that pink matte overlay…
Shame they didn’t carry that over to Batch paint…

You can just do that for yourself anytime you want. Just turn on ‘overlay’ in the Viewing settings. Set your view to ‘SRC FRONT’ and then paint in magenta overtop of your image. If you have ‘Paint Both’ enabled under Matte Output, you can then toggle to the alpha channel to see the painted matte you’ve created. This method works well. I use it regularly.


There’s a way to paint inside of action. One could have a paint node inside of action, provided it’s within the modKeyer schematic. You could paint and view as wanted with a split screen; one showing a context view as desired and the other viewing the paint module result.