PAINT IN CONTEXT VIEW to avoid position guessing and split views

Hello everybody !

Sometimes I have to paint some comp to adjust matte.
Is there any solution to directly paint on Context View of the comp ?
because I have to guess where I am to erase or add the Matte in split views (one with the Paint Result and one with the context view of my comp.

I don’t know if i’m very clear but if you have a tip to directly Paint on context view to avoid position guessing…

Thank you

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Sadly that is one feature nuke is superior to flame.
For painting mattes, when the resolution stays the same, I usually put the paintnode behind the context and paint over everything where the matte needs to be adjusted and put this paint node back to the actual matte location afterwards.

You can also use the compare mode and the result context in blend while viewing the paint’s output. But you won’t see the image while painting, only before/after each stroke. This sadly also only works with the same resolutions. Hope sb has a better solution.

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Hello Bernd, Thank you for your answer. it’s a way indeed.

If I understand you - you have a matte you want to refine with paint but want to see your comp whilst you do it? Add your comp to the paint input, with two additional inputs - fg to input A and bg to input B, then work as normal in the paint node, using your two inputs to reveal either fg or bg. Once happy replace the paint input with the original matte, input1 with a white solid, input 2 with a black solid. Your matte should now update correctly.


Hey Shiver,
Like Ally said you should add input to your paint node as you do in action.
Direct input is matte.
Additional input is the source you want to paint on.
In the viewing Tab, you should switch to Overlay activated and source front selected
Then Press F4 with a black brush and select your internal layer and I think you’re good to go if I Understand what your looking for.

Capture d’écran 2023-04-20 à 15.31.28
Capture d’écran 2023-04-20 à 15.31.15
Capture d’écran 2023-04-20 à 15.31.23

I do most of my paint with the Angle Split compare node set to a my final comp output. Cache everything than isn’t essential, and it’s good enough. Or maybe I’m just used to it.

Thank you Ally and Jerem for the tips.

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