Master Grade in Action

I recently had to do a commercial where it was best to grade in context in action. When doing social versions I need to reuse some of the grades that I already did. As far as I know there is no way to save the grades independently in action to be reused. The only way I found was to copy the Master Grade nodes from one action to another.

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The way that I’m used to working here is to use Source Image Nodes (the green ones) and grade on something of a Sources Sequence at the native resolution of the sources and then sync the Source Images Nodes to their respective sequences. This works unless you need to see the grades in their final destination resolution for vignettes meeting the edge of frame or other specific scenarios that would warrant Source Image Nodes not being good enough. In that case I might try using a combination of Source Image Nodes for the bulk of the grade and then throw in regular Image Nodes just for the context specific needs, which can then be synced or copied to specific shots based on their needs.

There are some Segment Connection tricks you can use, but it does get a little complicated. Otherwise, I think for the timeline, I’ve had good success grading in the Image Node within the Selective environment, which is pretty easy to send grades all over the place while working on a Sources Sequence and in the Effects tab.

But happy to dig deeper if this is on track or change topics if I’m not getting it right.

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Not really what I’m looking for, but thanks.
I’m working in action and have 11 images in the screen. All need to be graded in context. Client needs to see the layout as we’re grading.
In addition, these grades will be reused in 2 other spots.
I can’t grade using an Image, not in Batch, because the control is way to slow. The image updates really slow.
Best way was to use MasterGrade in Action. Problem is easily using those grades in the other 2 spots.

I have the solution for you.

In action highlight the master grade you want to save away then use the action save button and set the drop down to “selected objects”

You can then load the selected object into a new action.