Info on Player Window

can anyone tell me why some of my shots show an asterisk next to “video” on the info visible in the bottom left corner of my player window?

some have it and some don’t even though all the material was imported from a single source and is all rec709.

Would this explain why i get the warning about exports being encoded with the colourspace of the first frame (on this project first clip shows " video " on the next few its " video* "

Screenshot 2021-08-10 at 10.21.16


In the Legacy Colour Policy, the “Video *” viewing rule indicates the media being viewed is tagged with a video colour space, whereas “Video” indicates it is tagged as Unknown. You may edit the naming and see how this is all defined if you go into Preferences–>Colour Management–>Viewing Rules.

Yes, it would make sense that you are getting that warning since your timeline apparently is tagged with different colour spaces.



Thanks Doug.