Timeline Clip cutting

finally, after years of putting up with this, i’ve tried looking for a solution (of which i’m sure there is a simple, easy one) but i’m still stumped.

When i place a clip on the timeline containing both Video and Audio tracks, i can put the focus point over the video track, hit x and both video and audio track gets cut. From that point on, when i try a second cut it only cuts the track that has the focus point on it. I have to select each track i want to cut everytime which is really stupid (probably me).

its as if a cut gets rid of any link between the audio and video tracks.

I have tried putting the tracks into a group - but that doesnt like me adding the audio tracks, so pointess.

Please put me out of my misery!

Not in front of Flame right now.but I can remember that there is an option in the contextual menu of the clip that says something like sync group or something like that. maybe that helps.

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thanks Chris…
thats what i was using to group the tracks, but i keep getting a message saying “Discarding Audio - Audio segments were not included in the created group.”


The reason why this is happening is that you have the SYNC button turned off at the top right of the Timeline. Turn that button on and any segments that are part of a sync group (Video+Audio) will always be considered as one group. Selecting one segments affects them all including when cutting.

If you are not using sync groups and still wish to cut across multiple tracks with different segments, you press CONTROL+SHIFT+X.



Hi Grant -

It seems to me that option stops working if at any time a cut is made on a single track rather than clip as a whole.
After that, I cannot relink the tracks - even with the sync button on.

I do use the control/shift/x but its not the easiest bit of finger gymanstics when you’re slicing up a long clip into multiple pieces.


Hi Adam,

The problem you have, is if you only split the video segment of a sync group, the audio segment can only belong to one of the video split segments. It cannot belong to both as part of a sync group. As far as the behaviour looks to me, the audio sync defaults to the first segment and not the second of the same split clip.

So cutting any more parts of the latter segment only affect the video and not the audio segments.

If you select the tracks before cutting, this will override the sync group and cut the selection on any track.

I will need to have a look at how other apps handle the same scenario but one other option, which I have never tried, is if you cut the clip from back to front, it may keep the sync group. This is just a creative guess :slight_smile:


thanks Grant,

its been a while since i have used other apps, but before switching to Smoke, then Flame, i had never experienced this on any other system (previously i had used Avid Newscutter for 5yrs, then FCP7 for around 7yrs).

Hi Adam,

I did question myself a few moments ago…

However I just opened up the latest version of Premiere and Resolve and they are indeed behaving exactly the same as Flame.

The sync always falls back to the first segment of the split sync group.


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must be failing memory…signs of advancing senility!