Install Flame on MacHD-Data or MacHD

Hey brain,

Updating my system, to Ventura.
Should Flame be installed on MacHD-Data or MacHD?

I don’t think it matters. I think one is a sym link to the other, or something, but I do MacHD.

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Doesnt matter. I usually use the MacHD-Data which I think is the default as I don’t remember actually selecting anything.

Thanks, Gents :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes it matters. Ask me how I know… We were chasing a problem for months because I selected the wrong one. I am now still having some strange issues with that computer. 2019 intel Mac Pro.

I can’t remember 100 percent correctly. But I am going into the office tomorrow to reformat and reinstall the software because of the random crashes we are still having.

The correct partition is whatever is on the bottom. That’s about all I can recall from that nightmare. I do believe it is Macintosh HD - data. The first one in the list (Macintosh HD) is separate now for security reasons. You do not want to install software to this more secure partition. At least not Autodesk.

We had strange issues like not be able to cache or see the other systems frame-store on the network.

I guess i havent seen any issues because i installed on the default selected partition.

Can confirm.
I am doing the install today.
-data partition is the one that should be used.