Install Flame Update, Mac Question and Answer - from FB group post a while back

Hi All,

I had asked a question on the facebook Logik page a while back, Sept 29, 2021 actually, lol, and it was about which of the “Choose where to install” options to use on a Mac update. Jamie had answered "Mac HD’.

I did the install, and all was well. Doing the 2022.3.1 upgrade right now, so I thought I would bring this Question / Answer to the forum.

The options are: (Going for number two Macintosh HD)

Macintosh HD - Data
Macintosh HD
ThurderBlade (My Raid)


: )


Hi Ralph,

saw a similar post elsewhere and the concensus was to use the HD- Data option as the place to install applications.

been using that ever since and never had a problem on my macs.


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Might be time for a call to Autodesk…