Install Flame Update, Mac Question and Answer - from FB group post a while back

Hi All,

I had asked a question on the facebook Logik page a while back, Sept 29, 2021 actually, lol, and it was about which of the “Choose where to install” options to use on a Mac update. Jamie had answered "Mac HD’.

I did the install, and all was well. Doing the 2022.3.1 upgrade right now, so I thought I would bring this Question / Answer to the forum.

The options are: (Going for number two Macintosh HD)

Macintosh HD - Data
Macintosh HD
ThurderBlade (My Raid)


: )


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Hi Ralph,

saw a similar post elsewhere and the concensus was to use the HD- Data option as the place to install applications.

been using that ever since and never had a problem on my macs.



Might be time for a call to Autodesk…


I’m about to do a fresh install on a brand new machine and wanted to float this question to the group again (and maybe an Autodesk friend knows the answer)?

Looking up from apple it said the Macintosh HD would be for things that are read only such as an application and the Mac HD - data is for read and write access such as user folder files. I’ve been putting previous installs on the regular Mac HD, but thinking about flame, it seems to read and write to the flame application folder so makes me thing giving it read and write access makes sense.

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