Intel vs M1 slight render differences

Has this ever been discussed? A freelancer on an Intel mac did a setup, when I loaded to change something there were some minor hiccups, mostly in fine black edges that broke. If I loaded up the same setup on an Intel box it rendered fine.

My gut tells me it’s a math error somewhere. Matchbox perhaps?


I haven’t personally seen an issue this time, but your post reminds me of the transition from SGI to Linux. Linux was fast but the pixels weren’t as good. It was a bit of smoke and mirrors. I hope people hold Apple accountable if the implementation is sloppy.

This also reminds me of when we used to have a burn farm, different GPU’s gave different render results.

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I feel that i remember a post here or on FB noting that the same Batch setup rendered slightly differently in Linux versus Mac, so unsurprised by this too.

I do remember burn farms having mixed GPU so every 5th frame had minor changes. Was long ago.

So: math error.

I posted that yesterday in the Mac Burn Farm thread.