Jogging audio

I remember back in the day, you could jog the audio, but unless I’m missing a trick, you’ve not been able to do this for a while.

or in smoke keys it’s
shift ctrl c or v

So not with the pen?

The shortcuts highlighted by John will move the positioner by X amount of frame (1 by default). If you search for scrub in the keyboard shortcut editor you should also see the modifiers to use while you drag the positioner:

  • Scrub Current Audio Track
  • Scrub Current Audio Tracks with Locked Rate
  • Scrub All Audio Tracks

Hi Paul,

ALT (OPTION)+Click and drag is the digital scrub.

CONTROL+ALT(OPTION)+Click and drag is the analogue scrub.

Hold K and tap L or J digital scrubs one frame forward or backward.

This has always worked as long as I remembered.

Hope this helps!


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I also forgot to mention that when the focus point is on a video track, you hear all the tracks scrub together.

However, when you move the focus point to a specific audio track, you only scrub the contents of the targeted audio track.

I found that really handy when trying to scrub a segment in an audio mix.



Thanks guys. It’s been quite a while since I needed to scrub audio, I probably forgot the hotkeys.
Frederic, how do I change the default one frame setting?

You can change the assignation from the Keyboard Shortcut editor.

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