Jump Desktop for Teams Crashing Flame

I have been running up againts this issue:


Myself and one other staff member have access to the Flame system though a standard Jump Desktop Account.
Standard accounts require no subscription but also does not support stylus pressure.

We are not crashing at all.

Freelancers who use the same system or users who require stylus pressure will access though JumpDesktop for Teams. Jump Desktop for Teams users are crashing all the time as described in this issue.

I can reproduce the problem by switching between a teams account and standard account.

I tried every combination of updating drivers on both remote and local system. uninstalling, reinstalling. I can’t get it right and now this is a problem because our freelancers are constantly crashing while some users are not.

Is there an issue having standard access and teams access on the same system.
Do I have to remove one?
What am i doing wrong here?
Anyone else having this issue with Jump?

Possibly a setting I am missing somewhere but its hard for me to tell.

I noticed that having Tooltips turned on would occasionally crash Flame through Jump Desktop Teams.


Can you elaborate on what you mean by “Tooltips turned on” exactly?.

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He’s suggesting to turn off Flame Tooltips in Preferences.

got it thanks

I think turning off tool tips is the solution here.
Things running way better since that was turned off.

is there a way to make sure that stays off?

I noticed I had it turned off for a freelancer but it came back on eventually.

Tooltips are part of the user settings. Once you have set them they should stay unless you crash before safely exiting the application (that’s when they are saved). Generally whenever I make adjustments to my user settings I exit and restart.

We had this issue, and Autodesk support directed me to this post. It has been more stable with Tooltips turned off :pray:

@jamescohen This happened in the last 5 days?
Autodesk directed you to this post specify?

Good news for me, this has been a super difficult thing to pinpoint.

Flame support just pointed me to the post this morning. The Flame artist had a hunch the Tool Tips were causing an issue, and had turned them off a couple of days ago and had been stable since turning Tool Tips off. The logs were spammed with warnings about Tool Tips, but I wasn’t sure if it was relevant.

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Good to hear that. I only updated them with this info on Tuesday so they must have had this issue in the pipeline with more than one customer.

I wonder if changing the tablet pressure value from 1.5 down to 1 or up to 2 would change the behavior. maybe the computer wants to see a integer value there.
From my standpoint as an admin, id prefer to just turn it off but also I wonder if it has to do with the default 1.5 value.

In regards to the logs, this is a trouble shooting step i haven’t learned how to utilize.
Where and how do you check the logs on mac?
The information I can find in the manual seems to apply only to linux unless I am missing something.
Thanks in advance.

The logs are in two locations:
That location is normally hidden from the MacOS Finder. I normally start a terminal and run this command to open the folder:
open /opt/Autodesk/log
Or I just use the cat command to print out the contents of the logs from the terminal. The older logs get numbers appended to the end, so Mac preview won’t show them since they don’t have a good file extension. You can open the folder in Visual Studio Code and view all the files (even the ones without real extensions).
For this issue, both the Tool Tips and Wacom seems relevant, but I don’t know what they would have to do with each other. For what its worth, our facility has several Premiere editors using Jump Desktop without issue, but none of them use Wacoms.
We have had Flame artist freelancers remoting in with Jump Desktop in the past, and they had the same crashing issue. They were able to limp through their project with frequent crashing, but we never got to the bottom of it. But I do recall seeing Tool Tip warnings in the logs like this:
[warn] 4155810048 program.C:1068 03/26/24:08:00:46.363 Warning: (file:///opt/Autodesk/.flamefamily_2024/toolclips/common/builtin.toolclips/ui/ToolClipsUI.qml:59 ?) file:///opt/Autodesk/.flamefamily_2024/toolclips/common/builtin.toolclips/ui/ToolClipsUI.qml:59: TypeError: Cannot call method 'attribute' of null

If you are uncomfortable with a terminal and command lines, shift-command-period will unhide all the files and you can navigate to opt/Autodesk/log in the finder.

The Service Monitor app can also display info from the log files:

So my solution is now an official recommendation from ADSK??
I feel like I haven’t received enough accolades for this, my original post doesn’t even have any likes. I demand a free year of Flame and a ticker tape parade at NAB.



I can provide one of those things.


Seriously? You know where to find ticker tape? Or is it just shredded grub-hub receipts?


Uh hello! Sinan will be at NAB! He’ll make us some Flame particles.

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