Karabiner - trying to get key swap to only work in Flame

EDIT: I got it working! If anyone wants the setup I can share. Now it dynamically swaps.

EDIT 3: spoke too soon. it’s broke Mark in Mark out in my Smoke Classic setup. Once Karabiner is running it won’t recognize Right-Alt Right-Control

Trying to get this Logic Mac keyboard to automatically swap keys in Flame (so alt and command swap). But back to regular Mac keys when outside of flame.

In Karabiner I’ve downloaded a complex modification based on someone’s published Maya swap (when maya is forground most app). Not working. I’m thinking I might have the wrong bundle identifier? ^com.autodesk.flame…*. I’m way out of my depth with this stuff.

EDIT 2: link to code generator: Karabiner Complex Rules Generator

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Awesome! Please share it.