Logic Astra 2 Autodesk Smoke keyboard on Mac Issue Mark In Mark out quick keys don't function

Just bought a Logic Astra 2 Autodesk keyboard and the Mark In and Mark out keys don’t function. Im running flame 2023.1 on iMac pro Big Sur 11.7.3. Has anyone had this issue? I need to fix this…
Thanks all!!

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Hey @JimmyC

This is a strange problem. We do have people experiencing keyboard problems. On the Mac these seem to fall into two categories.
Remote operations and the tilde key not working. No one has ever reported a problem with the Mark In and Out keys.

Edit: I just saw this when I did a search Keyboard problem - OSX 11.2

Just to be clear, are we talking about [ and ] ?

Do these keys work for you in any other programs? Try typing them into a text document. If the keyboard works everywhere else but in Flame then you could try this - Keyboard not functioning 2022.1

Thank you so much for the post. The logic keyboard has 2 dedicated keys to the right of the space bar with mark in mark out written on them that are for editing in the timeline. I use the Smoke Classic user profile and those keys dont work. The [ and ] keys do work in other programs but not when Im editing in the timeline in flame either. Im using the pull down menu to mark my edits and it is so lame .This is such a bummer because I just bought this keyboard and I was hoping to use it to speed through my timeline edits

Maybe you need to assign the keys to that function. Given that this is a smoke keyboard it might need some customisation inside Flame before it will work for you. Have you been into the hot key editor?

I think thats my next move but now I have a stone and wire issue. What a day.

Check to see if the Mac recognises those keys. I just looked up your keyboard and those keys are actually right-CTL and right-ALT.

Not uniquely special keys. In fact they should be working as Mark In and Out if you are using the Smoke hot key configuration.

Perhaps your Mac doesn’t know the correct keyboard layout.

FYI - Today I learned… - #54 by johnag

Not sure about Alt, but Mac may give priority to Control as a Modifier Key.

You can change that in System Preferences:



Same Astra 2 keyboard here. I use Karabiner to dynamically swap Command and Option so the keyboard behaves like a linux keyboard, but I notice that it breaks Flame seeing Left vs Right option/command and thus breaking Mark In Mark out.

I made my hotkeys I and O. Like Final Cut.

Mark in Mark out works if I turned off Karabiner. Load a clean Smoke Classic. Make sure to fiddle with the type of keyboard in Keyboard Shortcuts.

Thank you Ted!

Thank you for all your help. I had a complete system meltdown on Saturday and had to factory reset my Mac and reload everything. Crazy day but I have everything working now including the keyboard!!!

Best Regards,

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Awesome info, thank you for the help!!

I might need to talk to you about Karabiner and how it might help me access F15 when using Teradici.
I found the program to be a little hard to figure out.

It was a head scratcher. Their basic GUI menu is so limited.

I ended up copying a Maya keyboard script that someone wrote and just swapped the word Maya for Flame.

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