Keyboard shortcut define problem

Hi peeps,

I create custom keyboard shortcuts for Node Bin, Media and Object tabs in Action. After installing 2023.0.1, any shortcut I define to select the action tabs, just selects “Media”. I have tried different shortcuts for this group, but they all default to selecting the “Media” tab.

I was wondering if it is Flame or Rocky Linux trying to drive me mad…
Desperately need my shortcuts, muscle memory is great only when it works properly…

Thanks for any input…

The submenu buttons can be coded in a way that every buttons are an option of the same function making it impossible to assign shortcuts to them.

Thank you for the info @fredwarren. Is this a recent change? Because I have been using these shortcuts for the past 15 years at least…

Hmmm, I just tried in 2022.3 and couldn’t get them to work either… I do not know if this is a recent change that is affecting this.

Last version I was successfully using was 2021.2. Maybe a new one then…

Ah, is there any chance that we can have the this functionality? I’ve been trying to work without these shortcuts and it’s really frustrating. I feel useless, and want to bang the keyboard everytime it doesn’t work. I’m all for progress and realize that I am one of few people who uses this but this has really burned me…

It works in 2022.1 What buttons do you assign them to?

I usually Space F1, Space F2 and Space F3, but neither these nor other key presses work…

@Sinan Please report the problem the support team and we will have a look.

I use those extensively for something else, so if it is broken in 2023, I’ll be pissed also.

It’s not those keys, but rather the buttons in the UI that do not map properly to shortcuts.

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I didn’t read you original post thoroughly enough. This is indeed broken in 2022 as well.

Try setting the hotkeys with the Value box set to NONE, instead of Absolute integer.

And while we’re on the subject, @fredwarren or @La_Flame, is there anywhere we can find out what the value box parameters actually mean? For instance, I don’t understand why there would even need to be a choice for simple button pushes like @Sinan describes. The manual is lacking in this detail.

@ytf You would use the value box for shortcuts assigned for a numeric field. That way you can set an absolute value or an increment to it.

My point being: why is this an option for non-numeric entries?

Because the software doesn’t know if it’s a numeric entry or not. In Sinan’s case the problem is that the submenu buttons now are set like numeric fields in the code which is incorrect. We will fix the problem on our side.


I’ve used the Value parameter for simple absolute and relative entries, but I would love an explanation of the other options. Is there anyplace I can find this info?

If it’s not in the User Guide I doubt it is elsewhere. And I must correct myself: the software does know if the button is a numeric field or not. The problem is really that these buttons think they are numeric fields when they are not.

@Sinan So does it work if you set the pop-up to None?

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