Keyframe markers remain after deletion

Screenshot 2023-01-22 at 10.25.54

Keyframe markers remain even after the keyframes have been deleted seems even worse in the installation of 2023.2 Linux I’m currently using (have also seen this on Mac).

In previous versions you could fix this problem by zooming out in the animation viewer & drawing a box where the keyframes used to be & then hitting delete again. This doesn’t seem to work anymore.

It’s easy to workaround but it adds a few seconds here & there to the workflow. Any fixes out there?

screen record it and send to support. This was brought up during the recently LA user group @fredwarren

Will do. Thanks Alan.

I am getting this also. I’ll do what @Alan suggests and screen record the next one. What options do I have in Rocky for a screen record other than holding my iphone up to the monitor :thinking:

As long as you have logged the bug with support, hopefully they will look into it.

In the meantime, I used to delete key frames slightly differently. Have you tried pressing and holding D and drawing a box over the key frames you want to delete?


I TeamViewer/RGS/Teradici into my linux box from my side Mac, and use QuickTime Player to do a screenrecord. This way I can narrate along, and also choose “Draw circle around mouse clicks” so it is VERY clear what buttons are being pressed.