Removing a keyframe


In TImeline I activated Timewarp and Auto Key and set two keyframes in order to increase the speed from 50% to 100%. 2 blue points are visible after that in the segement of the clip.

Is it possible to remove those Keyframes or remove it’s position? How?

Thank’s a lot!

Surprisingly after restoring a Desktop backup, the unwanted Keyframes are still present :frowning:

It could be that you have done something to cause the keyframes to no longer fall on a frame, but someplace in between frames (stretching an effect with Prop turned on will do this. In the channel editor, select the track in question and toggle the blue pop-up on the right to Snap (or something like that) This will align the keyframes to integers and they can then be removed.

Alt-tapping in the keyframed field will kill all keyframes and keep the current value (un keyframed), even if you are on a non-keyframed frame.

Similarly, hitting “Keep” in the Animation menu will set a keyframe where you are presently and blow all the others away for any channels selected.

As a lifetime auto-keyer, I’m a big fan of both.

Many thanks to all of you! It works :slight_smile:

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