Layer vs frame rendering (timeline)

Hello, this seems a little difficult to grasp: what type of timeline rendering is faster on what situation?

Is there a topic on this?

The Layer rendering will render all selected segment of a Track before rendering the segment of the next Track. The Frame rendering will render the frame of all selected segments of all the Tracks of a Version before rendering the following frame ( like a burn/background renderer are doing ).
Because the TimelineFX pipeline gets created/destroyed and prefetch/write behind cannot be used in the Frame Rendering, the Layer rendering is usually faster.

If you are rendering only the top track, you should use layer rendering. However if you caching the render of all segments and your timeline is mostly a bunch of BatchFX stacked on top of one another, because of the way the batchfx pipeline and it’s internal cache works, using Frame rendering can be faster in that case.


Thanks Philippe, understood