Lens Speck Question

My Buddy has a podcast which he just films via a live stream. However, there’s a lens speck that goes over the entire 45 minute segment. Is there a quick fix to remove without having a ton of key frames? I’m trying to do him a favor and not sure if there is an overall quick fix for this?

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It depends. Can you post it privately?

Sight-unseen id say cut a matte and do a pixel spread “interpolate” inward and mix that over. It won’t fix it outright, but it could lessen the visual impact.

maybe a matchbox: A2Beauty with a fix size value of about 40? with a few other techniques as required.

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Front Source.




Infill Blur

Pixel Spread

ooh!!! Take that rascal into Silhouette or Silhouette Paint and do a single recursive clone in Detail mode.

Thanks, guys. I’m going to look into now, but thanks for all the feedback!

Unfortunately, I don’t have Silhouette or Sil Paint. I’m starting to think that it is a great investment.

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Silhouette is brilliant. Watch out for sales during NAB or IBC. Twice a year they have good sales. Last one was 25% off their entire suite, which means for about $1,000 you can get everything they have for a year.

You could set up an image sequence in photoshop and do a content aware patch. (I’m assuming that if it is a lens speck, it stays in one place. At 45 minutes, it may take a long time, but the results are probably going to be good. I used this process for a lens flare a couple of weeks ago, although it was only a couple of seconds long. It would be interesting if we could do this with a python hook.