Licence Problems - is server down?

Anyone know if Autodesk are having licence sewrver problems?
just tried to post on Area and its not behaving, and trying to open Flame on my laptop is not working either…

I just installed Flame 2021.2 on my MBP (10.15.7), and am having a problem accessing Flame.

I tried starting with both Terminal and the Flame icon, and both times i get presented with a windowasking for the serial number. I enter it then get told its not valid, and that i should just start Flame and sign-in to use my licence…but i cannot start Flame to sign-in without first passing this window that refuses to accept my serial.

I have never had this problem before, and as usual it happens right at the moment i have a lot of work to get on with in a hurry.

How can i start Flame please?

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Are you using a an Autodesk sign in? Cuz I am and that’s working fine.

I also just successfully logged into and posted on The Area.

All sorted…Mark Taylor from ADSupport pointed out the Licence reset button in the Flame setup app. One click and alls well.

Never noticed that option before!

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I was having a weird issue where I couldn’t sign in because the install wanted the serial number before it would open Flame…and the new sign in system doesn’t seem to like valid serials!

Flame Setup is a super sneaky helpful, little app, isn’t it? For those that stumble upon this, if for any reason you need to reset what Flame is expecting from a license server perspective, open the Flame Setup App, check the Licensing tab, and click “Reset.”

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