Light wrap in Action?

I normally use my own little post comp rig for light wraps, but I know a new light wrap tool was introduced to Action in the last couple years or so. I’m not sure how it’s supposed to be used and haven’t had any luck using it as a selective. I haven’t found any videos in the learning channel about it.

Any pointers? Thanks!

(What I want is to individually control the light wrap on each object in my 3d scene in Action – so each surface is taking into account all surfaces behind it, not just the Action BG media layer.)


Well it took you like 6 minutes, but other than that! Thanks dude.

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D’oh. Now I remember why I looked into it before and ditched – there is Gain, but there is no Size control for the light wrap, unlike in crok, etc… Otherwise this would be great to use in Action…

Give a watch to Inti’s use of it. Solves the edge problem in an interesting way. Around 40-50 minutes in


can’t you load crok into action?

Actually, don’t do that. Everytime I do, then try to view it flame freezes and needs a complete restart

Crok isn’t set up to be aware of multiple surfaces in a 3d scene – it’s just a front/back layer thing.

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Thanks Sinan – will do.

for this technic(fix edge problem) if i want to send the masking to cg. How to comnbine alpha channel send to cg ? @Sinan

for the job all done in flame its ok but i thinking if have to send masking to cg. I dont know how to combine? @Sinan

Sorry for the late reply. I think the lightwrap in action only works like a final comp. If you have dirty edges that lightwrap gets rid of, they are gone from the final composite, but the matte is not affected so I don’t think you get a clean mask out of it.