Linux keyboard setup


I had to jump on a Linux machine yesterday after a very long time. Is there a way to swap the alt and meta keys. I changed most of my hotkeys but didn’t have the time to switch everything. Also on the mac version by default, if you hold down the ctl key and click on a segment in the timeline the contextual menu pops up. What makes this work on a linux system. (smoke hotkeys)

Do you have the windows key (meta)? Use that for context @johnag

I tried all three. Nothing worked. The default 104 ADSK keyboard is selected in the hotkey editor. The keyboard also had all the markings of a smoke/flame system. ie genuine adsk issued keyboard.

What about the linux Keyboard - System Setting?

Generic 104-key PC

And there is something about the Layout in those OS settings also @johnag

If you haven’t been on Linux for a while. Or sometimes even if you have, the system settings can be a little confusing.

Is there a way to swap the alt and meta keys

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