Right Alt Key (Mark In) Not Working

Hi All

For some reason my right Alt key (smoke hot key mark in) stopped working today. I made a new user and it didnt return. Has anyone experienced this? Know a fix?

Many thanks in advance.


My left one died. I got another keyboard. It still didn’t work. I eventually upgraded the version. It still didn’t work. I finally got a new machine. That fixed it. I hope your experience is better than mine.


Mac? Linux? Details?

Linux Centos. The usual suspects looked at in Keyboard prefs of Linux . Smoke keyboard selected.

In the flame prefs ctrl alt f8 when I press the key it doesn’t register on the keyboard viewer.

So I’m thinking it’s Linux environment but I’m wondering where to start.

I would start with another keyboard (even though that didn’t work for me)

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Found the solution -

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