Log Time to ShotGrid

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share a take on shot-based time logging via the Python API after getting inspired by @Jeff and @bryanb’s recent logik live. We do time logging through shotgrid so that’s what this is designed for but if there’s any interest in a more generalized version I’m happy to take a crack at it, with the obligatory disclaimer that I’m very much an amateur programmer.

It’s a couple of custom batch menu items that are available by right clicking on the background of a batch schematic with a corresponding shot in Shotgrid. If the user has been assigned tasks on that shot, a “Start Time Log…” menu will be populated with the task names. Starting a task will record the start time to disk via a python logger and create a note in a bright green compass so you know you’re on the clock.

If you have an active task being logged, then right clicking on your batch schematic will give you a “Stop Time Log…” menu item which will give you a chance to confirm in a dialog before creating a TimeLog entity linked to the task in ShotGrid.

install to /opt/Autodesk/shared/python

log_time_to_sg.zip (3.9 KB)


This is amazing! I can’t wait to dig in–thanks so much for sharing!


Good stuff!