Logging into Flame after reboot while working remotely

Does anyone know if there is a way to be able to log into your flame remotely after doing a reboot? I log in via RGS but if I have to do a reboot, I need to physically go into the office to get RGS going. It would be nice to not have to do this.

Leave the monitor on at the office. Or install a “dongle” that makes your machine at the office think there is an active monitor connected.

And on a similar note, never leave the office with the pen lying on the tablet.

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I do leave the monitor on, the question has to do with the act of logging into flame so that RGS send the signal out. Does this happen even if you haven’t logged in?

I had the same problem. It turned out that when I left the monitor off, and I did a restart of the machine, I could not boot up with graphics, although the actual computer would restart. I could remote log into the machine, but I only had command line control. It also happened if I crashed my VPN connection without closing RGS first. With the monitor turned on, every thing worked as expected. I can log into my base machine any time, and I can do a complete restart which brings me back to the login screen and I can login and start flame with no issues. I’m on a z8 with Centos 7.4. I run an intel nuc at home with Centos 7.4.

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sweet, i’m definitely going to do some testing with that. That’s the ideal situation!