Flame crashes when monitor is off

I have a mac studio connected to an LG 32MP60G-B hd gamer monitor. Flame version is 2024. When I turn off the monitor or switch it to a different source from a hdmi switcher or when monitor closes itself because of power saving, Flame crashes. When I open monitor back I have to force quit Flame. Spinning rainbow wheel never disappears.
Mac’s screen saver and power save functions are off.
I dont understand how Flame is aware of the monitor connection ?


flame can absolutely not deal with monitor resolution changing while its running.

we have the same problem on machines that are used hybrid via parsec.

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If the resolution changes while flame is running it can do weird stuff. I don’t get crashes but I do have to quit and restart flame to get it back. Turning off the monitor can induce a resolution change on mac.

The easiest solution is to exit flame before turning off monitors.


yea usually it just becomes unuseable and I can only navigate to the lower left corner auf my screen to get the quit menu to pop up