Logik matcbox shaders


Does anyone have a link to the latest Matchbox Shaders Collection ?

Thanks in advance,

Matt W


Downloaded on 8 march

maybe it helps for now.

unfortunately i can’t get a connection to the server

Thanks but sadly the link is broken.

:wink: xx

That’s been an ongoing problem that should be solved somehow. The site exists and is fine, but it frequently gets overwhelmed with traffic and then can error out for days at a time. It has become an unreliable resource.

If you install LogikPortal, there is an option of ‘Download All’, which I believe uses a copy and doesn’t interact with logik-matchbook in real-time. I’ve been able to install from there when the main site was down. Not sure how often that copy refreshes?


thanks for the help!

I checked it before I sent it. It was fine.

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I’m sure it works for some, but not others. The error message specifically is from CloudFlare, which is a geo-located CDN, that it cannot refresh it’s cache. So the problem will differ by location.

I tried it earlier and just now, and also get the 502 errors. I get them about 50% of the time I try to go to the site over time.

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