Flame on M1 feedback

Any updates on performance of Flame for mid level UHD work ?
Pros - cons ?

Probably not much feedback out there, as M1 support for lotsa stuff just isn’t quite there yet. Sure, the Mac Mini is out and a MacBook Air, but a lot of the peripheral software support is still finding its way out into the wild.

I did read here someone was testing it but no definite feedback yet.
Will do some testing out at my end too for basic HD

Flame Family 2021.2 Update does not support M1-based Apple hardware at this time.
(from autodesk website)

It would be interesting to see if it let you install it anyway and test it out.

Installation failed

did you try right-click-open on the installer

Yes - still no luck

should run in emulation did you go to system prefs and security to allow the download from that developer?

Anyone successfully running flame on M1 ?

As you can see on our System Requirements page, Flame Family products are not supported on Apple M1 and this is something we are looking at, no worry. If I were you, I would not waste time trying to make it work since we have work to do.

When ready, we will announced the M1 support on our various communication channels.

Stay tuned!


I tried my best to get this to work, can honestly say with out a doubt in my mind now do NOT waste your time trying.

Better to be patient till it’s officially supported.


And Metal too, hopefully? :slightly_smiling_face: