Mac function keys

How do I re-enable the functions keys in Flame on a mac?
Not sure what I’ve done, but mine have stopped working on my macbook.
Mojave on a mid-2015 macbook.

if its the flame specific function keys - not sure, but the general mac f keys - look in the System Prefs/Keyboard/Keyboard panel - there are a few options at the bottom of the page that are f key related

Hi Paul,

In the Keyboard panel as Adam says, ensure this option is checked. This means that your F keys will always be active as F1, F2, F3 etc and not the mac task keys.

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Hope this helps!


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I replied via email and insert a picture into my response. This is what we get… can this be fixed in the long term? Thought a picture would just be displayed instead of the Amazon link.


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Hi Grant, if you grab a screenshot of the image, then just drag it to the text entry box, you get this…

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Thanks guys, that fixed it. I was looking under the shortcuts tab.

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