Custom keyboard shortcuts external editor

I would love to have an external tool that would allow me to edit and keep my custom shortcuts (per versions).
Would that be doable with Python?



I may be misunderstanding. but when it comes to keyboards and shortcuts (app independent) This is the tool: if you’re on Mac only unfortunately : I use it to keep all my muscle memories valid from one OS to the other. Sorry if I’m on the wrong road.

I meant a utility to edit the Flame user shortcuts, that could load and update/overwrite the Flame user shortcuts pref files. :slight_smile:

I really like this idea, as I’m always annoyed that I have to recreate my shortcuts for new user profiles.
I don’t think there is anything exposed in the api, but you could probably parse and alter the files yourself.

There seem to be different files for different modules. I think the most interesting one is the global one:

It looks like a list of all available shortcuts. The ones, that I have changed appear in a file called:

I would parse this user file, parse the the file for the new version, look if we can find the FuncIndex again and then create a new user file in the new version with the mapping from the old user file. Of course you could probably just copy and paste the old user file, but I think this might break in situations where something in the new version has changed.

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