Mac Studio+Wacom Driver install = low resolution on Eizo

Hey all -
Setting up a new Mac Studio - plug in all the peripherals and get going, realize forgot to install wacom driver, install it and bam - monitor resolution drops down to 1920x 1080. The monitor is an older Eizo CG277. When first plugged in it was displaying full 2560 x 1440 but after the wacom driver was installed it dropped down. Anyone experience something like this before? any solutions?

That sounds crazy to me. If you go into the OS display prefs can you change the rez for the monitor?

What WACOM have you got plugged in? Is it one of those video display models Cintique? If so then there could be a config issue with the display settings. If not then check that you are using the correct driver. I’m using an older driver with my Intuos 5 and MacStudio and it’s working well.

I think it might be that the wacom is too old? its an older Intuos. we’re going to upgrade to a newer model and see if that solves it

Your tablet shouldn’t have any impact on your screen resolution.
I use an old Intuos 3 and doesn’t affect what res my monitor runs at.