MacBook keyboard - tilde key

In Action and Image, we are all dependent on the tilde key. Now that I also use a MacBook for Flame, I wonder how to substitute that key because it’s physically absent. I even can’t find it when trying to customise keyboard shortcuts. I did some search here on the forum but to no avail. This makes me somewhat suspicious that I missed out on the obvious. Any help from the hive is much appreciated!!

On my Macbook the button below the esc keeps works for me.

Hi Hans. That Tilde key was the reason for me acquiring a separate Ducky Shine 7 Keyboard in US layout - I’ld suspect you’re using a DE layout which I couldn’t even use reliable with Karabiner app or equal to manipulate special key assignment’s.

I changed the macbook keyboard setting to UK, not US, and the tilde key is here on top left.

Comparing US with UK? Are you sure? Please have a lock here: LINK Acc. to the picture the Tilde key is on the Hash key in the lower right.

Ah, Thanks. Will try that. In the meantime, I’ve changed the shortcut and made it work. But muscle memory hates that. Perhaps the UK keyboard setting does the trick. BUT, as Waldi pointed out, my MacBook has a DE keyboard.