Tilda. Uk

All of this US VS UK keyboards could be averted if this key could be made to function like the tilda.

I am not 100% sure because I can’t test it but there’s a chance the tilde will work if you set the OS to the U.S. Keyboard. The problem is not the physical keyboard itself but the OS language.

The problem is if I set it to us kbd then that physical button disappears from the assignable keys. If I set it to international the key is there but greyed out. Unassignable.

Hello Jonhollis –

As was explained to me by ADSK support, the keyboard displayed in the Hotkey Editor (and selected from the drop-down menu) is for display only. Whatever keyboard is selected from the menu is just a shortcut to help the user visualize their keyboard layout, and when first entering the Hotkey Editor, the displayed keyboard layout is what your OS has informed Flame is the currently attached keyboard.

When in the Hotkey Editor, what happens if you press that ±§ key on your laptop and assign it the ˜ keystroke?

(note: to generate a ˜ (tilde) on a macOS US English keyboard, press OPTION + n)

I have tried the OS as British and US. Both the same on entering hot key editor. When you press that key that I want to assign nothing happens. It’s dark greyed out in the hot key menu too. So it’s not available. Like the pic I shared.

Jonhollis –

Do you have an ISO or ANSI keyboard?


ISO I think - euro/british Mac.