Tilde key

Been off for a few days. Back on the box today and the tilde key isn’t working.

Restarted Flame. Same.
Changed User. Same.
New User. Same.
Restart Machine. Same.
New keyboard. Same.
Power down machine, unplug, then power back up. Fixes it. But comes back again later.
Any ideas?

Mac or Linux

Not that I have any great ideas for either but someone will ask. It might as well be me :wink:

If on linux you have keyboard layout enabled in your menu bar then you could check to see which one gives you tilder.

I often find someone has accidentally switched layout without realizing. It doesn’t really look like a keyboard layout switch button.

If this appears to obvious then I am sorry. I hope you find a solve soon.


That looks the most likely. I’ll dig round and see if I can find that. Don’t have it up in the menu bar.

What flavor of linux? KDE, Gnome, …

I get lost very quickly inside linux.

Once I got that widget up in the menu bar and selected the right one, that fixed it.
Thanks very much!

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Ha. I think I was the one with the lowest expectations :+1: