MacOS screenshots

Not only are quicktimes always a fun little thing,

Dont discount the power of screenshots, screenshots are also colormanaged in MacOS of course, so someone takes a screenshot it gets the screens profile applied to it in the image metadata.

Lets say you have a P3 macbook and you take a screenshot of something thats rec709 , you send it to someone using slack or whatever, metadata gets lost … you now have a screenshot of a rec709-> P3 converted image that gets displayed as if it where sRGB because thats “default” when metadata gets lost.

So can you imagine what happens when a director with a fancy mac takes a screenshot of some reference thats running in whatever player…

just post a P3 screenshot into slack or something.

Remote color is so broken, you have 0 chance to get anything be correct ever anywhere unless you are in full control of the image pipeline.
I hate this

You can see the embedded colorsync profile here for example:

I wish I had a dollar for all the colour callouts I’ve gotten that ended up coming from a junior producer eyedroppering a screen shot off the web and then getting asked why it doesn’t look right.

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