MacPro 2019 GPU Allocation

Hey Flamers, any MacPro 2019 users out there? If so I wondered if any of you have tested your GPU usage percentage in Activity Monitor?

I stupidly upgraded to Ventura (suggest avoiding this IOS update if you can) and now experiening some really slow render speeds. After checking activity monitor during a large 4K render I can see GPU usage is maxing out at 28-30% for Flame 2023.1 Update. Rendering in AfterFX is 96% and Resolve 92%.

If anyone has a Mac Pro 2019 and had the opportunity to tab out to Activity Monitor while rendering to check their percentage usage and share the results it’d be much appreciated.

Is GPU allocation on IOS user controllable? I can’t find any documentation or internet info. Someone had asked the question on another forum but did not get any answers.

Thanks in advance!

Did you re-installed Flame after upgrading to Ventura? May be the file path’s for the GPU drivers have been changed?

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According to Autodesk sys req Ventura supported since Flame 2023.2 and up. Time to update?


Thanks Val. Downloaded 2023.3 Update and same issue. Maxing out at 22% GPU usage. Mac Studio that I was on at a facility was around 60-70% GPU but Monterey iOS.

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Will check that thanks Waldi.