Teamviewer / anydesk

Just wondering if running teamviewer and or anydesk in the background can make flame feel laggy, as I’m getting some lag whilst painting.

Any reason you aren’t using a more robust solution than Teamviewer/Anydesk? Those aren’t designed for what we do.

Stick to HP Anywhere.

I have a Dell, not HP linux box.

HP Anywhere runs on any x86_64 based machine.

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Ah, I did not know that!
Thanks Alan.

I’m confused: Are you actually operating flame from a remote location using anydesk, or are you working local on your machine and anydesk is on in the background?

I use teamviewer to work remotely, but only occasionally, anydesk is running for IT to remote in, however as both apps launch automatically on reboot they are always running in the bgd, hence my question as to whether it has any impact when working locally.

This is a horrible way to do things.

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I have anydesk always running in the background while I work on Rocky Linux. Sometimes I have my laptop logged into my Linux via anydesk but it has never been an issue that I have noticed. Running flame with anydesk, however, is far from ideal. There are a multitude of better options these days.

We use Hp Anywhere for Mac, PC, and Linux here. We have floating licenses and it works rather well. Also, only thing that seems to allow sync’ed audio on all 3.

So the ultimate answer Paul is yes, running both could slow things down. The other answer is you really owe it to yourself to look into some more robust PCoIP options. Anydesk and Teamviewer are designed for IT and sysadmin stuff, absolutely not for someone of your caliber and needs.

Nice DCV is free from AWS. Some like it, but most have gravitated towards HP Anywhere.

HP Anywhere is the rebranded PCoIP offering that HP bought from Teradici. HP Z Remote Boost is deprecated and while it was HP, it was available for most x86 systems, it just so happened to be free on HP hardware which is likely where the facts got mixed up.

HP Anywhere AKA Teradici AKA Teragucci, when deployed with under a dozen seats or so can be easily setup point to point either through a VPN or Tailscale or Wireguard or something simple. HP will likely shit a brick and tell you you need an Anywhere Connector as VPN or Tailscale is double encrypting it (which is true) but there are a lot of us here deploying it at a cost of a few hundred bucks a year per concurrent license and 3-5 easy commands and not hating the remote life.

I hear you Randy and Tim and Alan, however it’s not my call. I’ve trying to get the powers that be to set me up with something more suitable, however as I said, it’s only occasionally that I log in remotely and that seems to be the issue.
But getting back on track re lag, I’ve turned them both off and will if it makes any difference.
As an aside, if I do have to work from home, I much prefer to take stuff home and work on my hackintosh, especially as my internet is so poor, 40 down, 7 up.

What communist 3rd world hellhole country are you living in?
Get Starlink.

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It’s called the Kent countryside.

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