Making a thin font artificially bolder


would like to use a Hand Display Font (otf) which is very very thin.

Is there a way to make this font artificially bolder in 2d Text/Effects?


You may get some pushback here, as Flame peeps generally prefer making type in Photoshop and porting it over to Flame. I actually don’t mind the Text module, and use it often. I am a weirdo, I know.

The way to do this would be: Select the text you’ve typed. Select ‘Outline’ from the menu on the lower left. Change the color to match your font color. Add to the ‘width’ parameter to get the faux boldness. You might need to kern out the text depending on how much boldness you are adding.

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Depends how much bolder.

I would often ADD type multiple times on top of itself

Used this a lot on super thin condensed legal type.


I’m with you @Nick

I had the same font used in a premiere job but it was thiner in flame. Adding an outline of 3.5 matched it perfectly.

I’ve also done tricks in bfx like add an edge node, pixel spread, multiple layers etc


Does work quite well… ok it depends on the font and sometimes it does look less than perfect :slight_smile:

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You can always do a “negative shrink”… (dirty)

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Definitely the font might be an issue here. You could individually select the ‘H’ and 'l’s to add selective thickness. But ideally, you’d want the font to scale properly.

This is always handy, but add too much negative shrink and it rounds up the corners. Maybe I’m missing a setting.

The shrink mode (iterative/single pass) helps a lot

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->The shrink mode (iterative/single pass) helps a lot

Is this a function of 2d Text/Effects or only available in Batch?

Its a node called MateEdge on BFX.