Matchbox Bin

When did Flame start automatically adding 3rd Party matchboxes to the Matchbox bin? I don’t find a lot of use for “fr.025:the.popular.demo.” in my workflow but when I try to drag it out of the bin, it stays there. Is there a way to delete some of these?

Probably in an ascii file in opt/Autodesk/presets??? maybe?

It could be that only the _user.bins are accessible. I’ve never tried to edit the standard ones

I believe it’s a dynamically-created bin based on all the shaders found in the shader path as set in Preferences > Shaders. You could move the Logik matchboxes somewhere outside of there so they don’t show up there automatically, but then you’ll have to nagivate to that path when you want to use them (and they won’t show up in Search…)

You can just delete the shaders you don’t want from /opt/Autodesk/presets/VERSION/matchbox/shaders/LOGIK (or similar, wherever you installed them.)


Yeah, I’m not a fan of this new behavior either. I no longer use the matchbox bin because of this sadly.

I’ve just found this, it’s an absolute disaster!
It wouldn’t be so bad if you could put your favourite matchboxes in a separate bin, but you can’t.

I don’t think you can delete default nodes form nodes tabs. I guess you have to delete them from logik matchbox folders.

I made a script in bash to automaticaly group logik matchboxes in subfolders (LS, crock, Y…etc) for a better browsing , and delete useless matchboxes (logik events, demos). I execute it after install logik installer.

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The content of the Matchbox bin is determined by the path set in Preferences > Shader Paths > Batch Node Bin. As of the 2022 version the difference is that all the folders located under that path are parsed and the shaders found in the recursive paths are added to the bin.

Amongst the things you could do to fix this:

  1. As Bob mentioned, delete the shaders you do not find useful
  2. Put all the third-party shaders in a folder next to the Autodesk ones. Not under the Autodesk folder.
  3. Use the Search tool (Space-Tab or F12) instead of the node bin. You will get direct access to the shader you want.

@paul_round You can put your favorite shaders in the User bin. You need to drag one to the Schematic and then drag it back to the User bin.

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Thanks Fred, I’m aware that I can put them in the user bin, but I’d like to create a new bin for my favourite shaders.
We have the ability to create a new bin, ( I have one for some old school sparks), but don’t know why matchbox shaders cannot then be added to that new bin.

Maybe not the thread for this – but wondering if anyone else is noticing how the Matchbox Batch Bin goes empty once the Logic shaders are installed. There seems to be a limit on the number of shaders in the folder. If I remove 30-50 of the Logic shaders, the bin re-populates. Not a huge deal, just wondering if there is a fix for this.

I kinda prefer having them fully populate the bin. I can type the first letter of the name to highlight, or use F12 to search. If the bin is empty, I can’t use F12 to pull up the shaders by name.

Heya @Nick . This is a good question that pops up a lot. There’s just one matchbox shader you need to remove and it’s called tpo.cas. I think it was determined that it doesn’t have a corresponding .xml and so it causes all of the matchbox shaders to disappear from the bin. Removing that one fixes the bunch.

Some have talked about adding the .xml but for now this is the fix.


Awesome, thx Jeff!

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I never used the search function.
But recently started to use it for matchboxes, and it works like a charm.

As a small update to this I managed to figure out how to upload an .xml to tpo_cas so for all future downloads of the Logik matchbox shaders, this shader shouldn’t create the empty matchbox bin anymore.