Matchbox Normal generator

Is there a matchbox that creates a normal map from a 2d image? I saw a demo with greg paul malone where he had one to relight people but I can’t find the matchbox anywhere.

Hi, yes. The ADSK MX I believe is called Map Extract. It does essentially what @lewis Normalise shader did. Results can vary. I can send you Normalise if you’d like.

I use this one, as demonstrated by @BrittCiampa in his Logik Live…


Awesome! I’d love to try normalise just to have extra in my arsenal. Thank you

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DM me your email and I’ll send it

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Thanks Randy!

(I can post here later when at a laptop - dumb iPhone makes it hard to save and upload files from an email.)

All good! I sent you a DM as well. Cheers