Error: Operation Timed Out

Hello Logik Community!

I’ve been working with Linux Flame on the cloud at my facility for the past 10 months, but now I’m in the process of exploring an interesting new Flame infrastructure that is a little different and thus unknown. One hurdle is a strange error that we can’t seem to put our fingers on that I was wondering if anyone else has run into.

Every so often, at an unknown interval, I will find that I can no longer access files on the file system via Media Hub. When I navigate to a file, my machine will stop receiving inputs (freezes inside of Flame but I can still alt+tab to go outside of Flame and I can still move my mouse) for about 30 seconds, and then afterwards, if I take a look at the preview window it will say “Error: Operation Timed Out” instead of writing any metadata in that field beneath the preview window. All of the metadata in the columns of the Media Hub appear blank and I cannot import the clip into Flame. Any clips or media that has already been imported into my Flame project is fine, it can be scrubbed, it’s “there” for all intents and purposes. But if I need to import anything else, or bring in a render I’ve just rendered, no luck. The shell doesn’t say anything during the freeze or after.

It FEELS like a permissions issue but we have ruled that out since my user has permission and I can navigate to the location in question in a file browser on Rocky Linux and open the files in question without issue.

The solve we have is to terminate my VM and create a new one. The rebuild process takes all of 15 minutes, but it’s a big ol’ mystery as to why this needs to happen in the first place.

Any ideas?

Edit: One other missing piece of information that might be useful is that we aren’t using a typical project workflow, but rather we’re using a multiple project server workflow where we have multiple “host” computers that act as our project server and one project per host for longform projects. Not sure how relevant this is but including it just in case.

Sounds like a connection issue to S+W or Wiretap.


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I’d get the gunpowder folks involved if they aren’t already. Something is amiss and I’ve never experienced that on any AWS machine.

The latest advancement on this issue is that it seems to be tied to Wiretap Gateway. We’ve learned that we no longer need to just rebuild the VM, but rather just restart the Wiretap Gateway in the ServiceMonitor. Progress!

I’ll update if we figure out what the root cause in the first place.