MONITORS (which ones do people like)

Hi, I was just informed that the ASUS 32 inch Proart monitor has been discontinued so I’m now choosing between the Dell 40inch Ultrawide

or the Eizo 3895 Flexscan 38inch

Which one would you choose?

I bit the bullet and have purchased the dell. Very happy with it so far. I need to spend a bit more time getting the calibration closer but over all very happy. Love the extra real estate and the curve… well what curve is quite minimal.

Thanks @ALan and everyone else who helped me choose.


I may have missed it in here, but what do you all think between the Dell UltraSharp U4021QW vs LG 40WP95C-W? Looks like the Dell is a little sharper but the LG does HDR and has a wider color range. Would like to order one or the other this week for my Flame. Thoughts?

@ALan ?

I want to try this one

I don’t know about the LG, we like the Dell’s but I have no allegiance. The key to these monitors for us is the high resolution with the ability to logically split the screen to get Dual View in Flame in a single pane of glass.

Overall, probably all these monitors are basically the same with small differences between them.


Thanks all. I ordered the Dell.


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It is a beautiful monitor! Thanks all for the input. One question for @ALan about using dual monitor out of a Linux flame. The Dell only has one display port input. How are you getting a second monitor from the Linux box? Are you using an DP to HDMI converter for the second input?


Copy that. Thanks!

just got me one of those Dell U4021QW screens…very nice indeed.

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got it because my LG had started switching off multiple times a day…thought the 9yr old screen was buggered, on;y to have the same thing happen to one side of the Dell yesterday. oops!

hopefully a new able will resolve things…and i won’t be telling the boss either, cos i like this new screen.

I am also considering the Dell U4021QW but it may actually be a little too big for my desk so I am also looking at this offering from Asus - the ProArt 34" curved display Calman verified for colour accuracy out of the box (100% sRGB and Rec709) - also half the price of the Dell. What are the collective thoughts on this?

24 inch is too small for my liking. I nearly bought the proart 32 but it became discontinued. Im glad because i love the dell 40.

Sorry John - I meant the Asus ProArt 34" (typo fixed) the Dell looks great, I am trying to find somewhere I can see it in person. The new ProArt 34" I linked above is 100% sRGB and REC709 and comes Calman certified and I wondered what everyones thoughts are on this or if anyone has tried it out yet?

Sorry yes thats the size i was looking at too. If space is an issue i would go with that.

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I hope you don’t mind but I have some questions for those of you using the Dell U4021QW:

  • I will be running it from a Mac Studio - is it easy to setup dual display in Flame using the Dell Picture-In-Picture feature to have one side as a GUI and another as the broadcast display? (I do see it possible in the comments above but this appears to be for linux - is this easy to set up from a Mac Studio as this would be the main appeal of this monitor for me)

  • How is the Calibration out of the box. It lists 100% sRGB and 100% REC70 from the data sheet I found but is this accurate out of the box and, if not, what are you all using to calibrate this properly? I have also watched some reviews where edge to edge uniformity does not seem to be consistent. How are you finding it?

  • Coming from my Linux for client sessions I have been using a Blackmagic Web Presenter which has been fantastic to loop into Zoom, Teams etc. - I am guessing I can keep this in play when my Mac Studio arrives but are you screen sharing for remote sessions and if so do you have control over which side of the screen you are sharing (I do not like sharing my GUI and prefer to share my broadcast monitor feed only)

Any info you might have would be great as my other consideration is the Asus ProArt series but the fames 32" does not seem to be available anywhere.

Thanks so much for any insight you may have on this! :slight_smile:

It depends a bit on your habits, if you’re a 1-up or 2-up Flame user.

If you like working with multiple viewports, and you’re considering a wide-screen monitor, I would suggest not to use half of your monitor for broadcast but separate.

One of my systems (M1 Studio) has a 49" Dell (U4924DW) as a single DP screen. I find it super useful to go to a 3-up view and have everything within view, and you can dynamically apportion how much of the screen they get. It can dramatically improve your experience. Monitor calibrates pretty decently.

For broadcast display, I have a several year old 55" LGC7 OLED on the wall, calibrated. It’s connected via a BMD UltraStudio 4K Mini via HDMI. That same BMD interface also has an SDI out which I connect to an AJA U-Tap, which shows up on the Mac as a webcam. So when I want to share in Zoom/Teams, I just select that as the camera interface, and they see the broadcast monitor feed without me sacrificing my screen real estate for that. And it guarantees color isn’t touched by any software or the OS.

And since I had a ATEM switcher sitting around, my actual camera for calls and the broadcast feed go through that, so for Zoom calls I can do either broadcast feed or my camera or both in a PIP config with the push of a button.

Not saying that is what you should do too. But some of the considerations to keep in mind, especially if you have the office/desk space for it. Having the broadcast display at a larger distance is also good for eye health. Focus at different distances during the day, and on a large display you spot those details much easier.