MONITORS (which ones do people like)

Hi, I was just informed that the ASUS 32 inch Proart monitor has been discontinued so I’m now choosing between the Dell 40inch Ultrawide

or the Eizo 3895 Flexscan 38inch

Which one would you choose?

I bit the bullet and have purchased the dell. Very happy with it so far. I need to spend a bit more time getting the calibration closer but over all very happy. Love the extra real estate and the curve… well what curve is quite minimal.

Thanks @ALan and everyone else who helped me choose.


I may have missed it in here, but what do you all think between the Dell UltraSharp U4021QW vs LG 40WP95C-W? Looks like the Dell is a little sharper but the LG does HDR and has a wider color range. Would like to order one or the other this week for my Flame. Thoughts?

@ALan ?

I want to try this one

I don’t know about the LG, we like the Dell’s but I have no allegiance. The key to these monitors for us is the high resolution with the ability to logically split the screen to get Dual View in Flame in a single pane of glass.

Overall, probably all these monitors are basically the same with small differences between them.


Thanks all. I ordered the Dell.


90S Computer GIF


It is a beautiful monitor! Thanks all for the input. One question for @ALan about using dual monitor out of a Linux flame. The Dell only has one display port input. How are you getting a second monitor from the Linux box? Are you using an DP to HDMI converter for the second input?


Copy that. Thanks!

just got me one of those Dell U4021QW screens…very nice indeed.