MONITORS (which ones do people like)

What are we thinking about the new Asus ProArt 24" 4K with SDI as an accurate monitor for a home studio? I have had my eyes on these for a while and while they are not yet available in Canada B&H have them and I am thinking of getting a couple shipped up as a paired dual screen setup for GUI and Broadcast. I think @finnjaeger - you liked these in a previous post correct?

100% sRGB, REC709, REC2020 with a built in colorimeter just like my old Eizo CG277 which these would replace. Thoughts before I hit the “buy” button?

Definitely worth looking at as an sdi monitor but in my opinion not big enough for the flame gui. I recently jumped up to a 40 inch Dell and i im absolutely loving it. So nice utilising 4up 5up and 6up

I wish I had the desk space at home and the dollars in the bank account John! I did take a look at the 40” and would love it if my desk could accommodate it and the broadcast together.

Have you considered stacking vertically or in Z axis? If desk space is limited but you have some space in the room. I have a 31" Dell monitor on a C Stand behind my reference display on the Flame box. I only use it for HDR and running OmniScope but it’s a good way of adding another monitor when you run out of X axis space…

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@johnag what’s your experience with colour accuracy on the Dell? Would you also recommend a Broadcast in addition or have you been able top get the Dell close enough to suffice?

Yes and no and it depends :slight_smile:

The Dell is great and is close enough to my broadcast SDI monitor. If you can glance between the 2 and not see a major shift then I think its good enough. I wouldn’t feel comfortable just having the Dell as the only monitor to look at. It’s also about how good the monitor can hold it’s calibration. So far my Dell is holding up after about 6 months. My Sony SDI monitor ($8k back in the day) holds it’s calibration for a very long time. I think I tweaked it about 3 years ago. I check it about every 3 months.

I would aim for the 40inch with @allklier suggestion of mounting another monitor above.

Thanks @johnag and @allklier for all your advice! :slight_smile: Greatly appreciated! Have a super weekend everyone!

Hi John, which model of the Dell are you referring to? I’m looking for a 2nd monitor for the GUI. Thanks!

Hey all!

Just wondering if anyone has taken a look at the new range of QD-OLED gaming monitors?

It could be a cost-effective option for a broadcast monitor, or even as a main monitor.


BenQ PD3225U !!! It switches between calibrated multiple color spaces and is comparable to my EZIO CG319X at the studio.

Gaming monitors are the way to go though for overall value. I am seeing great specs and prices right now!

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that seems like a great option for the price IPS-Black is cool

I think its all about software for these.

most gamig monitors have great panels but really garbage software these 32" QD-Oleds allnuse the same panel as the flanders XMP310

got one of these too…excellent big screen, and the first time i have had a single panel for dual desktop display in over thirty years!

I’m thinking of getting one of the dell 40inchers - Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved Thunderbolt™ Hub Monitor - U4025QW

But does anyone have any experience using this over pcoip from home ? I thought pcoip has a 4K limit so I’m wondering what might happen with this 5k dell…

I’m wondering if I’m gonna hit any flame res snags etc

This kind of area is not something I’ve dealt with before so any advice is appreciated !

split the monitor in 80/20 mode